The national climate plan survives its first electoral test

I'm very glad that the national climate plan has survived its first electoral test.

Scheer's team thought that they could swing the suburban GTA ridings by making people angry about the carbon tax, falsely claiming that it was a federal tax grab. If Scheer had succeeded yesterday, politicians both in Canada and elsewhere would likely have concluded that an explicit carbon tax (even one returned as a dividend) is political poison. Instead, they now have a clear example of a stringent carbon tax surviving a national election, even after the government had lost substantial political capital due to unrelated scandals.

I'm intensely curious about two questions: (1) whether the CPC will drop their opposition to carbon pricing, now that they've tried and failed to ride it to victory; (2) what policies the Trudeau government will put in place to meet the more aggressive 1.5 C target, especially since it now has to depend on NDP support.