Transcribed from:
Foreign Relations of the United States, 1946, vol. VI: Eastern Europe, The Soviet Union.  Department of State Publication 8470, (Washington, DC : Gov't Printing Office, 1969), pp. 690-691.

NOTE: As with most telegrams, superfluous words were omitted.  This creates grammatical errors which are not part of the transcribing, but rather an inherent part of the telegram itself.  At other times it appears words were mistakenly omitted from the original transmission.  The parts enclosed in brackets [ ] were inserted by the State Dept.  Text in red indicates a quote of Soviet government sources.
   UNO here means United Nations Organization

861.00/2-746 : Telegram 
The Chargé in the Soviet Union (Kennan) to the Secretary of State
Moscow, February 7, 1946 
[Received February 7--7:40 p.m.]
    370.Highlights of Molotov's 35 election campaign speech delivered in Moscow February 6 are summarized as follows:
   We stand on eve of new elections. They will be test of relation of Soviet people to leadership of Communist Party and policy of Soviet Government. Maybe there are some people abroad who still think it would be well if some other party came to leadership of our country. But our people has its own opinion on that score. If some people abroad are displeased at similarity of Soviet people with Communist Party, we can console such people with thought that it happens not infrequently in other countries as well that Communists enjoy confidence of masses.
   War was serious test of party policy and strength of Soviet system. USSR has emerged from war in role of one of most authoritative powers in world. It is now impossible to solve serious questions of international relations without participation of USSR. Comrade Stalin's participation is considered best guarantee of successful solution of complex international problems.
   We were able to overcome wartime difficulties because both during and before war we followed correct path. We swept from our path saboteurs and wreckers who in final analysis became spy diversionists at service of foreign masters. It is known also that Soviet people long ago repelled inclination to direct foreign intervention in our internal affairs. Time has now come to take up tasks which were interrupted by war. Some time will be required to raise Socialist industry to prewar level but we will achieve this in couple of years. Improvement of supply of consumers goods and overcoming of housing shortage are tasks to be faced. Before war, party and Government formulated fundamental economic way of USSR as that of catching up with and overtaking most highly developed capitalist countries of Europe and USA. This work was interrupted by Germany's attack but we are now resuming it with still deeper awareness of its importance. In our country there will be no crises and unemployment such as are inherent in other countries. Through increased productivity of labor and broader and more effective application of modern techniques in all branches of economy we will solve task of overtaking most highly developed capitalist countries with degree of success required by interests of our country and interests of communism.
   To solve this great task we need long period of peace and security. USSR's peace-loving policy is no transitory phenomenon but springs from basic interests and needs of our people from its desire for speediest improvement of its own material well-being. This is why Soviet people is so vigilant toward possible centers of violation of peace and international security. Thus we cannot ignore such situations as maintenance of hundreds of thousands of troops of zone of our ally, maintenance of tens of thousands of troops of Polish Fascist General Anders36 at allied expense in Italy and continued existence on Austrian territory of Russian White Guard Infantry Corps of Colonel Rogozhin. USSR has done no little to create new more effective security organization. UNO has already begun its work and we wish it success. Our participation is aimed at making this organization play key role in averting new wars and bridling any and all imperialist aggressors.
   There are no militarist adventuristic groups in USSR as among dominating classes in certain other countries where dangerous talk of "third world war" is being encouraged by foul imperialists. True supporters of peace will find real and faithful ally in USSR. This does not mean that our concern for the maintenance of our Armed Forces will diminish. Our Government and Red Army leaders are doing everything to assure that our Army is second to no other Army as regards newest types of armament.
   Sent Department 370; repeated Frankfurt.

35  Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov, People's Commissar (after March 15, Minister) of Foreign Affairs of the Soviet Union. 
36  Lt. Gen. Wladyslaw Anders, formerly Commander in Chief of Polish Armed Forces in 1945; in exile in the United Kingdom from 1946.

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