New Westminster Downtown Residents Association, October 1998

Downtown Residents Association

In October, police across the Lower Mainland arrested more than 100 drug dealers, which has solved the immediate problem of crack dealing in downtown New West: drug activity is way down. Over the longer term, though, the drug dealers and drug users will probably start coming back.

What the city's been doing over the last year to combat the problem, as described by councillor Bob Osterman at our October 29 meeting:

He also mentioned that a lot of the New Westminster police officers are starting to take the problem personally: they're getting annoyed with the audacity of the drug dealers.

John Locke, from the Business Improvement Association, gave a brief update on their activities. (The BIA's been grappling with the problem for several months already. In particular, they're applying for a grant to install a video surveillance system.)

Our next meeting will be held in January, most likely on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening. We'll be meeting at the Holy Trinity Memorial Hall, 514 Carnarvon St., at 7:30 pm. If you'd like to join the association, you can send e-mail to

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Last updated 29 October 1998