Jack Vance, Trullion: Alastor 2262:

"... I've long felt a lack, or an emptiness. I want a weight to thrust my shoulder against; I want a challenge I can defy and conquer."

"Brave words," said Shira dubiously. "But -"

"But why should I so trouble myself? Because I have but one life, one existence. I want to make my mark somewhere, somehow. When I think of it I grow almost frantic! My foe is the universe; it defies me to perform remarkable deeds so that ever after folk will remember me! Why should not the name 'Glay Hulden' ring as far and clear as 'Paro' and 'Slabar Velche'? I will make it so; it is the least I owe myself!"

Jut said in a gloomy voice, "You had best become either a great hussade player or a great starmenter."

"I overspoke myself," said Glay. "In truth I want neither fame nor notoriety; I do not care whether I astonish a single person. I want only the chance to do my best."

There was silence on the verandah. From the reeds came the croak of nocturnal insects, and water lapped softly against the dock; a merling perhaps had risen to the surface, to listen for interesting sounds.

Jut said in a heavy voice, "The ambition does you no discredit. Still I wonder how it would be if everyone strove with such urgency. Where would peace reside?"